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Groceryshop 2022 conference took place in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas from September 19 to September 22. Leaders from startups and established businesses within the Grocery landscape attended the conference. Keynote speakers spoke on various topics and issues affecting the industry, including perspectives on Grocery and CPG, exceptional omnichannel experiences, and the future of convenience, to name a few. 

Among the keynote speakers was ComCap’s Managing Partner Aron Bohlig, who spoke on Grocers’ strategy to combat macroeconomic concerns


ComCap’s Managing Partner Aron Bohlig spoke at the Groceryshop 2022 conference.


Key takeaways from the Groceryshop 2022 conference:

  1. Retail Media is hot: brands, retailers and technology providers are actively focused on driving revenue and new customer activations – expect this to remain hot through and beyond any recessionary period.  Also, expect some confusion due to the wide variety of technology and service providers that remain to be harmonized. 
  2. Last-mile is less important than supply chain automation:  While some are still pushing hyperfast last-mile deliveries, the buzz around the last mile seems to have subsided. Most of the major grocers are pursuing strategies with and without Instacart.  More interesting is the additional distribution center and automated distribution center buildouts, plus automation in the DC and the store.  Look for hardware and software automation and forecasting technologies to drive sustainable cost advantages.
  3. Recessionary fears loom, with major retailers focused on six mitigants: Macro-issues were top of mind in nearly every conversation, and the situation has only deteriorated since then with an escalation of the war in Europe and continued fears on fuel prices weighing on near term economic estimates.  ComCap’s Groceryshop presentation highlights the eight key concerns and six potential actions being pursued by the top fourteen European and North American grocery retailers.

If you want to discuss this subject further, please schedule a meeting with our Managing Partner Aron Bohlig.


ComCap has also published its Grocery Tech report that covers key themes, market landscape, recent deals, and a list of the most active investors within the sector. Please find our Grocery Tech Report here.



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