ComCap AR VR and Content Creation Key Themes 2018

We are pleased to present our 2018 Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Content Creation in Retail overview.  We have synthesized our views on the key themes in AR/VR and Content Creation

Traditional retailers are leveraging new technologies such as AR/VR and image management to remain competitive in the fast-changing consumer market which has been disrupted by the emergence of e-commerce giants. The report observes that AR & VR is helping such retailers to stand out and aid product discovery and the customer experience in a crowded and competitive market. Further, the report identified several disrupting startups in the space, representing attractive strategic and investment opportunities. The report validates this by showcasing M&A and funding activities in the sector

 Key themes highlighted in the report:

  • Technologies such as AI, AR, and VR are set to become the new norm in the customers’ shopping experiences
  • Retailing set to grab the ‘Lion’s share’ of AR/VR spending by 2022
  • Small enterprises are gearing up to adopt AR and VR technologies
  • Early adopters of  AR & VR adding value to their existing customers