ComCap Artificial Intelligence in retail Key Themes 2017

We are pleased to present our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Retail overview. We have synthesized our views on the key themes regarding artificial intelligence and its applications and implications for retail, which holds the promise of completely reshaping the retail ecosystem and consumer experience

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The report projects the growth potential of the AI sector and recognizes key themes in AI and its applications and implications for the retail sector. We see more and more retailers planning to leverage AI-enabled technologies to enhance customer experience. The report spotted key disruptors in the space and observed the potential of AI to completely reshape the retail ecosystem and consumer experience. The report concluded that AI is receiving intense interest from investors and established strategic participants, translating into massive growth potential for the market players

Key themes highlighted in the report: 

  • The continuous growth of conversational commerce
  • Contextual commerce enhances customer experience
  • AI transforming the retail landscape and enhancing the online shopping experience
  • Big data to be a game-changer in the retail sector