ComCap Money 2020 Overview

We are pleased to present ComCap’s Guide to Commerce & Payments at Money 20/20. This conference provides an unprecedented platform to network with CEOs and executives of early stage companies, payment companies, fintech disruptors, and financial service providers

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The report was compiled for the Money20/20 event (the largest global fintech event enabling payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce) of 2018

The report highlights that the traditional model of banks is being threatened by commoditization, disintegration, and disintermediation, primarily due to the rise of fintech players. It identified key fintech disruptors in the space, including PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe. Further, the report includes various case studies substantiating: 

  • Tech and commerce majors are venturing into the payments sector
  • Key software players are also offering payments solutions to take advantage of the massive growth potential in the sector
  • Social commerce players (such as Tencent and Facebook) are moving into payments to edge out existing payment competitors

The report highlighted the M&A activity in the fintech space in H1 2018 and also has company profiles of key players in the fintech landscape