ComCap Personalization Key Themes 2018

We are pleased to present our views on personalization in retail. We have synthesized our views on personalization and its implications for retail

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The report presents ComCap’s views on personalization and its implications for retailers. Personalization capabilities are now viewed as critical in achieving a unified customer experience. Further, personalization is becoming a cornerstone of corporate marketing strategy and is evolving rapidly as retailers react to consumer demand to provide a frictionless customer experience. Now, even the consumers are prepared to pay a premium for a customized product or service

The report incorporates brief profiles of global personalization disruptors as well as selected PP deals in the sector along with notable investors. It concludes that personalization disruptors are emerging across a wide range of sectors, representing an attractive investment opportunity for financial and strategic investors

Some of the key themes highlighted in the report include:

  • CMOs are wielding more power when it comes to technology spending, with personalization becoming a focus area
  • Data is transforming how companies approach personalization 
  • Personalization is bridging the gap between online shopping and in-store experience
  • Retailers are engaging with customers through personalized in-store technologies including beacons and in-store ads