ComCap Presentation on Asia SaaS 2H 2017

We are pleased to present our 2017 Asia software industry overview. We have synthesized our views on the key themes in Asia software, particularly ASEAN

With even legacy software vendors going the cloud route, the software has been seeing a 180 degree turn towards a subscription model. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is perceived as a continual growth focused approach for software companies and the growing investor comfort in SaaS investments implies that this is an ideal time for companies to raise funding or acquire other companies to enhance their capabilities

The report showcases selected disruptors in the Asian SaaS space and identifies notable investors in the domain. Besides delving into key themes in Asian SaaS, the report analyzes the precedent transaction in the space. It also includes global software M&A activity. The report concludes that there is increasing investor interest in the SaaS business model

Key themes analyzed in the report include:

  • SMEs are driving SaaS adoption in Asia
  • Disrupted on-premise traditional vendors have ventured /are venturing into the SaaS space
  • SaaS going vertical or industry specific
  • Mobile first SaaS approach gaining traction
  • SaaS based marketplaces are expected to rise; with unbundling of SaaS