ComCap Robots in Retail Key Themes 2018

We are pleased to present our 2018 Robots in Retail overview. We have synthesized our views on the key themes in Robots in Retail

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The retail industry provides a challenging setting for robots, but in recent years there’s been a surge in robotic applications in retail. The introduction of robots in retail, whether in the store or behind the scenes, promises to transform the retail industry forever

The report identifies the current state of Robots in Retail and its future growth prospects. It further provides information on key retailers adopting robotics. Further, the report analyzes the funding and M&A activity in the space. The report concludes that robotic disruptors are emerging across a wide range of sectors and applications, representing an attractive investment opportunity for financial and strategic investors

Key themes covered in the report include:

  • Advancements in machine tech and AI has allowed robots to infiltrate retail
  • The surge in AI is felt more strongly in retail than in almost any other sector
  • Robots are quickly becoming integrated into every aspect of the retail value chain
  • Major retailers are engaging with customers through new technologies, which increasingly include robotic automation as an alternative to human support
  • Increase in demand for humanoid robots in the retail industry
  • Technology and robotics are playing a strong role in consumers’ shopping behavior