ComCaps The Rise of Recommerce Marketplaces Summer 2021

We are pleased to present the key themes on the recommence marketplace landscape, doing so with the aim of helping increase transparency and communication between the companies themselves, as well as financial and strategic investors

As an industry participant, ComCap has covered the rise of recommerce marketplaces as they are expected to capture a significant share of US consumer spending over the next several years. Recommerce allows consumers to buy cheap and rent nice all while reducing their environmental footprint and participating in the circular economy

We see the companies featured in this report as supporting a shift from massive consumerism, or the rapid acquisition and disposal of products such as fast fashion, to more conscious consumerism. The various recommerce models not only create sustainability benefits, but they also expand offerings to customers. The report concludes that the consumer of the future will rent, own, and purchase with the goal to re-sell

Other key points covered in the report include:

  • Second hand fashion market continues to boom amid Covid-19
  • Baby & kids recommerce market projected to hit $5.6bn by 2024
  • Recommerce is experiencing high growth, increasingly capturing market share from traditional retailers
  • The luxury recommerce market seems to have only grown stronger during the pandemic
  • The emergence of Clothing as a Service