AI & ML in Retail: September 2022

We are pleased to present our views on AI & ML in Retail, doing so with the aim of helping increase transparency and communication between the companies themselves, as well as financial and strategic investors.

AI & ML in retail has provided businesses with access to high-level data, which is being used to enhance retail operations and enable retailers to offer personalized services and product recommendations as well as predict consumer behaviour. The report delves into several AI & ML trends that can be critical success factors for retailers

We see the companies in this report as disruptors in the individual sub-sectors due to the greater adoption of innovative upcoming technologies discussed in the report

Key Themes:

  • Global AI in Retail market is estimated to witness a 30.5% CAGR during 2021-28 to reach $31.2b in 2028, mainly driven by rising investments and R&D in AI startups as well as support by Governments of various countries (such as as US, China, and Germany)
  • Noteworthy players since 2020 include: Databrics ($2.7b from 2 rounds), UiPath ($1.0b from 2 rounds), SambaNova System ($0.9b from 2 rounds), Advantage Solutions ($0.7b from 1 rounds), and Content Square ($0.7b from 2 rounds)
  • After a high octane year (2021) which saw significant consolidation across key AI & ML in Retail sub-sectors (including BI & analytics, in-store CX, robotics, conversational commerce), the space remained relatively muted during H1’22. Notable deals during H1’22 include, Citrix Systems ($17.2b), Blue Prism ($1.6b), Trifacta ($400.0m), Symbotic ($320.0m), and Umanis ($316.1m)