ComCap Digital Commerce and Digital Experience agency Perspectives H1 2022

This report highlights several trends that global leaders are executing specifically comparing various B2B Digital Commerce agency market leaders, newer technologies like augmented reality applications, and API-driven commerce platforms.

The digital commerce and digital experience agency sector has been making rapid strides in the past few years. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the sector to the forefront for both B2B and B2C buyers. It is noteworthy that digitalization across B2B and B2C segments has changed consumer behavior immensely – from the way they research a product or service, consider and complete a purchase, or show brand loyalty, to the way they communicate all of this to their peers.

Our Digital commerce and digital experience agency perspectives report highlights the key trends, major players in the landscape, M&A, funding, and capital market activity in the sector.

Key trends covered in the report include:

  • The B2B/B2C e-commerce market has grown sharply in recent years and is poised for disruption. This represents a massive $4.4b TAM opportunity for digital commerce agencies
  • Digital commerce agencies are likely to ride on the wave of disruption in the e-commerce sector
  • Adobe Commerce is a clear leader in B2B ECP and has already captured a major market share, whilst SAP / Hybris is rapidly catching up and may provide a key differentiating advantage for bigger brands
  • Headless commerce platforms may see greater adoption by large enterprise-level brands in the future
  • E-commerce AR apps may become increasingly popular in the future
  • M&A activity gained traction during 2021 with 19 notable deals against 10 in the prior year