ComCap Logistics Perspectives 2019

We are pleased to present our views on the logistic landscape, doing so with the aim of helping increase transparency and communication between the companies themselves, as well as financial and strategic investors

The overall logistics market is buoyed by global e-commerce growth. With this growth, shipping efficiency is becoming increasingly important, driving demands for technology that can help logistics providers reduce shipping costs while meeting higher service standards as e-commerce deliveries increase

The report highlights that a paradigm shift in the logistics industry towards technology is affecting everything from omnichannel purchasing to reverse logistics. The report delves into the logistics and supply chain landscape and showcases key M&A deals during 2018. It further highlights notable investors investing in the sector

 Other key points covered in the report include:

  • End-to-end players have retained their importance in offering one-stop shop solutions for customers
  • Cloud computing and ease of integration across providers and services have resulted in the unbundling of the logistics sector
  • E-commerce is re-shaping logistics and shipping expectations
  • Retail returns is outpacing growth in retail sales
  • An Uber-type logistics model can promote the cost and resource efficiency for shipping and warehousing
  • Advanced technology such as AR, IoT, drones, and autonomous vehicles is gaining traction