ComCap Perspectives: The Rise of Recommerce Marketplaces Q1 2020

We are pleased to present the key themes on the recommence marketplace landscape, doing so with the aim of helping increase transparency and communication between the companies themselves, as well as financial and strategic investors

The report highlights the emergence of the recommerce marketplace. The domain has become increasingly important for consumers as resale allows them to upgrade the quality of their wardrobe without sacrificing cost, with prices comparable to fast-fashion and off-priced apparel at a fraction of the environmental impact. This results in the rapid growth of the reCommerce market, increasingly capturing market share from traditional retailers

The report incorporates profiles of key recommerce platforms managed and P2P marketplaces. It concludes that investments in the sector are heating up and showcases M&A and PP actions in the sector

Key themes highlighted in the report include:

  • Apparel Resale market to reach $51bn by 2023
  • Online recommerce platforms are innovating to attract a new generation of second hand buyers and sellers
  • Limited release product launches are fueling a lucrative resale market
  • The emergence of clothing as a service
  • A new Resale x Retail model is emerging