ComCap’s Perspectives on Digital Commerce Agencies and Systems Integrators 2H 2019

This report highlights several trends that global leaders are executing specifically comparing various B2B Digital Commerce agency market leaders, newer technologies like augmented reality applications, and API-driven commerce platforms

As the traditional agency model continues to evolve, full-service platforms are gaining the most traction in the market as eCommerce platforms and marketing suites continue to consolidate

Many players in the space are continuing to differentiate through both platform and marketing expertise, making them attractive investment targets for strategic and financial investors

Our research on digital commerce agencies and systems integrators details our thoughts on: 

  • Digital agencies serving a multitrillion-dollar eCommerce sale market with a multibillion-dollar opportunity in US retailer digital marketing spend
  • Differences in capabilities between agencies and systems integrators
  • Vendors and SIs rapidly gaining capabilities to service the full eCommerce suite ecosystem
  • Advertising agencies actively investing in eCommerce on a global scale
  • Agencies filling gaps in acquirers’ digital commerce service offerings 
  • Agency multiples trading at or near cycle highs