The Ones to Watch on In-store Retail Technologies

ComCap presents the In-store Grocery landscape and strategy to expand grocers’ capabilities and offer enhanced shopping experience to the customers. In-store tech continues to witness a consolidation, driven by large strategic acquisitions.

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  • Enhanced M&A activity among the operations & store management and fulfilment as grocers witnessed fresh challenges: Strategic adopted a strategy to look for companies that offer new innovative solutions to optimize their operations and store management, fulfilment & CX tools.
  • In the last few years, delivery fulfillment has attracted various financial investors towards it: Investors have shown significant interest in different facets of the retail industry, such as making investments in logistics & fulfillment firms, analytics service providers, and point-of-sale (POS) and checkout solutions.
  • Majors grocers retail in-store initiatives: Grocery retailers actively pursue investments in emerging technologies and forming strategic partnerships to improve their store capabilities, enhance operational decision-making processes, and provide customers with an improved shopping experience. They are also driving in-store purchases through in-store retail media applications.