ComCap Digitally Native Vertical Brands Evolution 2020 Update

We are pleased to present our DNVB Evolution 2020

Since the publishing of our original DNVB report, we’ve had the opportunity to work with brands, marketplaces, and consolidators and speak with scores of venture capital, private equity firms, and major brands and retailers about their intentions for the space

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This is our update to the report published on Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs) sector in 2016. The report delves into strategies pursued by DNVBs and their aggressive expansion into brick & mortar retailing. The report also highlights that well-established incumbent brands are adapting and have figured out that co-existing with newer DNVBs is a better approach than outright competition. The report showcases the DNVB landscapes, case studies of key players, M&A, and funding activities in the sector. Finally, the report provides a view on the scalability of players and their potential to capture significant market share or to truly disrupt large incumbents

Key themes highlighted in the report:

  • DNVB space has not proven to be a success for many brands
  • Subscription-as-a-service has played a pivotal role in developing a loyal customer base for many DNVBs